An instant classic: the signage of "Zentrale Intelligenz Agentur", which led the company through all ups and downs in past years and paved the runway to ultimate success!
Have a look at the happy and totally "Berlin" agency start-up below! Can you believe this photo was taken 10 years ago? Talking of durable logos here! 
Illustrative design for the "Elektrischer Reporter" TV magazine of hyper-active mediaman Mario Sixtus. The vintage 50s approach nicely contrasts the web-driven topics and reappears in trailers and crazy b/w backgrounds inside the show.

Elektrischer Reporter
One of my favourites! Did it for an electric car project of an institute I unfortunately never heard of again. Sometimes I lay awake at night and imagine how cool this great logo would have looked on some kind of eco-friendly vehicle like below.

photo / modified by: (license: CC BY 2.0)
The automotive industry…
SAVA / Goodyear asked me for a redesign of their company signage, which I enthusiastically did. Above my favourite, a facelift of the original logo. Still could have used some more work on it, but unfortunately it was sacked early on. Can't imagine why.
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Another huge success story to come!
At a dinner party I was introduced to the founder of an IT firm with ties to the banking sector.
His plan was to make all traditional banks obsolete with a new kind of security protocol, crudely abbreviated with a strange acronym which almost spells "Habicht", meaning "Hawk" in German. The logo was produced in light speed and since then I'm waiting for my promised phantom stocks.
Someone sent in the following picture, indicating the company was not doing so bad after all!
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